Jordan Davis: The Georgia One Man Wrecking Ball

Munich – Anyone looking for highlights by Jordan Davis on “YouTube” will find a video entitled “Godzilla”. A nearly six-minute clip assembly of the Georgia Bulldogs defensive tackle. Davis pushes offensive liners around like toy cars, swallowing running backs and throwing quarterbacks to the ground like wet sacks.

Like “Godzilla”, Davis leaves havoc behind him. And he is rewarded for it: This season he received both the award for best defensive player in college and the award for best interior lineman in college.

In the semifinals of the College Football Playoffs against the Michigan Wolverines (live, in the night from Friday to Saturday from 1:30 a.m. on ProSieben MAXX and, Davis will also count if the Bulldogs want to move into the final.

“Will be a difficult task”

“It will be a difficult task against Michigan. They have a very physical team, so our front seven has to play big,” said Davis in advance of the game. Playing big shouldn’t be a problem for Davis. The defensive tackle measures two meters and 150 kilograms.

And yet: The agility and suppleness with which he dances around Offensive Liner is almost reminiscent of a ballerina. At the same time, however, he also has the power and strength to win with bull rushes and prevent the opposing running game.

This season he has 14 tackles and collected two sacks. Davis’s performance, however, cannot be measured on a statistic sheet.

Davis an “immovable object”

Kirby Smart, Head Coach of the Bulldogs, emphasized the importance of his defensive liner at a press conference: “Jordan (Davis) is a fixed object. He allows us to play various coverages. Because he’s so good at running defense, I can Have more players for the secondary on certain plays. “

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At the same time, Davis became an option in the offense: As a running back in the Redzone. Against the Charleston Southern Buccaneers, he rammed himself into the end zone for a one-yard touchdown run.

Because despite its size and weight, it has a certain speed. In one move in which he hurried after the ball carrier, he reached a top speed of almost 30 km / h. For comparison: Jonathan Taylor, running back of the Indianapolis Colts, has the highest value in the NFL this season with a 36 km / h run.

Difficult matchup

Davis also makes positive headlines off the field. Kirby Smart described the defensive liner as the team’s “mood cannon”. He convinces with his humor, but also with his selfless performance on the field.

Against Michigan, Davis and his teammates have to be in top form. Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s team only allowed ten sacks in 13 games this year.

Incidentally, almost 40 other films have been made since the first filming of “Godzilla”, and maybe another one will be added on Friday night:

“Godzilla” vs. Michigans O-Line.

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