Joko Winterscheidt marries his girlfriend Lisa Sauer after 17 years

After 17 years of relationship

Joko Winterscheidt marries his longtime partner

Joko Winterscheidt and Lisa Sauer lived together for 17 years without a marriage certificate and had three children together. Now the moderator is serious and gives his partner the yes word in a secret ceremony.

In 2005, Lisa Sauer and Joko Winterscheidt (43) met and fell in love at an event in Berlin. This was followed by 17 years together and three children. Public appearances by the couple are rare, the moderator and his partner were last seen together on the red carpet in 2012.

After a few years of relationship, the family moved to Munich, where Winterscheidt, Sauer and the children now live in a single house in a posh villa district and the children go to private school, as Winterscheidt once said in the podcast “All” revealed. roads lead to fame”.



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