Joint pain, winter and prevention “prescription”

Dr. Gad El-Din Mohak, Professor of Orthopedics and Joint Surgery at Ain Shams University, says: “Joint pain has a strong relationship with a drop in temperature. to swollen joints.

And he added, “Mahq” in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “Everyone, especially those with a history of illness, must commit to keeping themselves warm, not exposed to cold weather, wearing appropriate clothes and not leaving the house at any time when the atmosphere outside is not appropriate. “.

The professor at Ain Shams University pointed out that: “The sun is a rich source of vitamin D, and the longest possible period must be spent under its rays, with daily commitment to walking and doing the appropriate sports required by the specialist doctor.”

food system

He noted: “It is possible for people who suffer from a deficiency in vitamin D to add to their diet foods rich in it, such as dairy products and others, according to the desire of the affected person.”

And the professor of orthopedic and joint surgery at Ain Shams University added: “Sleep is a very important habit with drinking water that should be taken care of by anyone suffering from joint pain, in addition to focusing on not carrying any heavy objects or doing physical activities that cause muscle stress.”

heating pads

Regarding the heating pads that some resort to, “Mahq” confirmed in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “A number of doctors resort to heating pads and paraffin wax for the comfort of the injured, but the matter must be studied according to the patient’s need, and not to place it without supervision because it will make The joints get used to it and over time it will be him and nothingness.”

At the same time, Dr. Mohamed Sheta, Professor of Orthopedics and Joints at the Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Ainy, says: “Low temperatures affect the joints, as lethargy and obstruction of the circulation of the nutrient fluid in the joints, which increases the aches and stiffness of the body.”

Water aerobics

In his interview with Sky News Arabia, Sheta added, “Among the things we recommend to joint sufferers is to keep aquatic exercises to reduce inflammation, and to wear heavy clothes and gloves, to keep the body warm.”

The professor of orthopedic surgery and joints at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Qasr Al-Ainy warned against taking painkillers, which he believes have significant negative symptoms and negatively affect in the future, saying: “Consulting the specialist is the main thing that must be followed because he is familiar with the details of the medical case in full and has prior knowledge of the patient’s drug history. “.

Overweight crisis

In his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Sheta confirmed that: “Excess weight is a major crisis because it puts pressure on the joints, so those with high weights should follow up continuously with their nutritionist to lose weight, while exercising permanently.”

And the professor of orthopedic surgery and joints at the Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Ainy added, “There are some foods and drinks that should be taken care of to relieve joint pain, including green tea, turmeric, omega-3-rich fish oils, and ginger.”



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