Johnson & Johnson is recalling products that contain a carcinogen

The New Jersey-based company said consumers should refrain from using and discarding these products, after tests detected low levels of benzene in some samples.

The company also notified distributors and retailers to stop selling these products and arrange for them to be returned “out of an abundance of caution.”

Benzene is classified as a carcinogen and may lead to cancer, depending on the level and extent of exposure.

Johnson & Johnson said benzene is not an ingredient in its sunscreen products, and it is investigating why products are contaminated with it.

“It is not expected that daily exposure to benzene in these sprays of sunscreen at the levels that we have observed in our tests will result in adverse health complications,” the company was quoted by Reuters as saying.

The company’s recalled products include Neutrogena Beach Defense, Neutrogena Coldry Sport, Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense and Neutrogena Ultra SheroAveno Protect + Refresh.


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