Johnson and Johnson, is PERFECT for a specific age group according to prof. Bassetti »

COVID VACCINE: Johnson and Johnson, is PERFECT for a specific age group according to prof. Bassetti

The Johnson & Johnson VACCINE arrived in Italy on April 19thThe vaccino Johnson & Johnson it is recommended for people over 60 after the rare cases of thrombosis found following vaccination. L‘EMA has given the green light for use throughout the European Union, establishing that the benefits outweigh the risksi: the thrombotic events encountered in some patients should not be frightening.

GThursday 22 April the first inoculations of the serum produced by the pharmaceutical company Janssen have begun in our country; the vials (184 thousand doses), pending the green light, had been kept inside the vaccination hub in Pratica di Mare.

side effects, as also reported by the newspaper Republic, were generally mild or moderate and resolved within a couple of days of vaccination. The most common: pain at the injection site, headache, fatigue, muscle aches and nausea, listed the European Medicines Agency. “The safety and efficacy of the vaccine they will continue to be monitored, through the EU pharmacovigilance system and further studies by the company and the European authorities “.

As for Italy, prof. Matteo Bassetti, director of Infectious Diseases of theSan Martino Hospital in Genoa: “The Johnson & Johnson will be the perfect vaccine for younger people in the 30-65 age range. It will be the vaccine for the very great immunities and it is a vaccine like AstraZeneca, batteriovirale. When Pfizer came out, critics said they would wait for a normal vaccine like AstraZeneca, now everyone wants Pfizer. We Italians are strange “.
And therefore, Bassetti’s position on vaccines is clear: all types authorized by the health authority prevent COVID infections and must be used to fight the pandemic.
We have to get it into our heads that, come we should live with the virus for years, so we should do it with the many variants that will be discovered “. The variant may be more contagious, but “we are not sure that it can escape vaccines, more studies are needed” and, second Bassetti, “the Japan has handled all phases of the pandemic very well, but is far behind in vaccinations. It is therefore likely that since they have a fourth wave of cases, the responsibility lies with this variant because the virus is spinning freely “.

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