Johnny Depp takes on a striking role that you would not expect

Actor Johnny Depp (Waiting for the Barbarians, Minamata) seems to be able to come into the picture a little more from the major Hollywood studios now that his ex Amber Heard is in bad shape after the lingering lawsuits between the two. Depp had to do some extra work in the past period.This is how we heard Depp in the animated series from 2020 to this year Puffins in Puffins Impossible. But now it turns out that he has also accepted a role in a game, namely Sea of Dawn. In the game, he can be seen as a strange, bumbling and blind shopkeeper named Phillip. Images from the game have since appeared online.

Johnny Depp in de game Sea of Dawn
Depp also spoke about his role in a behind-the-scenes video, where he shared how he worked with the producers to create the character and where he got inspiration for Phillip’s look. You can check out the trailer and behind the scenes video below.

Sea of Dawn is now available in China for PC and mobile. A release in the US and Europe is planned for later this year.

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