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The depositions in court in recent weeks are taking the turn of a fiction, between “fecal matter” on the bed and mutual accusations

If it were a screenplay for a movie or a TV series, perhaps it would be considered too grotesque to be real: the trial for defamation involving the actors Johnny Depp e Amber Heard
in recent weeks it has attracted the attention of an ever-growing audience, very popular on YouTube and newspaper articles, as if it were just a serial fiction. Instead, the honor and fate of the two superstars are at stakeformer spouses now struggling with a maxi cause, trto hatred, grudges and mutual accusations that every now and then, we are seeing these days, are beyond imagination.

What do we know about the Depp-Heard trial

Pirate of the Caribbean Depp, 58, in 2019 asked for a compensation for defamation of $ 50 million to ex-wife Heard, 36, claiming that an article she wrote and published in the “Washington Post” the previous year, in which he accused him (albeit not naming him) of domestic violence, he would have irreparably damaged his career. And so from April 12, the two sit in the courtroom of Fairfax, Virginia, for a trial of the expected duration of six weeks.

Depp’s severed finger

Depp and Heard accuse each other of physical violence and both deny the other’s accusations to the sender. Among the first episodes recalled by the actor during his testimony in court (Heard hasn’t testified yet, but is expected to do so next week) there is a 2015 dispute at the end of which he would have come out with a severed finger from a bottle of vodka thrown by her: the finger was bleeding profusely, “it looked like Vesuvius”, and a flap of flesh was recovered and wrapped in a handkerchief to reattach it, Depp said, also providing photographic evidence of the accident.

Drunk Depp’s video

Heard, at the time of the divorce, had shown her photos with a swollen face, but Depp claims it was fiction made with a skilled work of make-up. The former Jack Sparrow denies ever hitting his ex-wife, while admitting that their relationship was very turbulent and fraught with quarrels. Side of him there is also to add alcohol and drug abuseas shown in a video produced during the process in which the visibly altered actor slams the kitchen cabinets and pours himself a large glass of wine, before becoming furious when he notices his wife is filming him.

“Amber must be burned alive”

Heard’s lawyers, in these early stages of the trial, also made public gods messages sent by Depp to his actor friend Paul Bettany in which he heavily insulted his wife, also talking about wanting to burn her alive. The actor apologized for the tones, but denied that they were realistic intentions: “It’s just surreal humor“, he said.

The “fecal matter” on the bed

On Heard’s front, however, audio files were heard during the trial in which she admits to having beaten him. But the most grotesque episode so far emerged from a process that has already sparked dozens of memes is what he would see the actress guilty of defecating on their bed, enraged that her husband had arrived late to her birthday party and then left after the ensuing argument. The next day, Depp explained, one of her bodyguards found “fecal matter” on the side of her bed. Heard initially justified herself by saying that it had been their two dogs to commit the crime, but Depp pointed out: “They are two little Yorkes, I collect their excrement and I know how they are made. It wasn’t their stuff. ‘ The actress then admitted her responsibility saying that it was “a bad joke gone wrong».

The questions about Depp’s penis

Another moment that triggered hilarity in the courtroom was the deposition of another bodyguard of the actor, who was asked about an alleged episode, dating back to 2015, in which Depp would have urinated in the house“Was Mr. Depp trying to urinate in the house when you saw him?” Asked Heard’s attorney Malcolm Connelly. “No,” the bodyguard replied. “But he had a penis outside, didn’t he?” Urged the lawyer. “I think I would remember seeing Mr. Depp’s penisReplied the bodyguard, causing general laughter, including that of the actor himself.

Heard’s borderline disorder

A psychologist (hired by Depp) also intervened in court: Shannon Curry during her speech in recent days claimed that Heard would suffer from “borderline personality disorder and histrionic disorder”. She would come to these conclusions after examining her for 12 hours, also adding that the actress would not suffer from PTSD due to Depp, as she stated. Depositions that immediately caused discussion, which were followed by those of the doorman of a building where the couple lived, according to which Depp never behaved violently.

Franco and Musk will not testify

The first weeks of the trial seem to have shifted public opinion in favor of Depp, complete with hashtags in his defense and petitions to remove the actress from the cast of “Aquaman 2” (with already over 2 million signatures on ). A fairly physiological imbalance, given that so far it was he who testified and her direct words are still missing. What will be the turn the process will take it is therefore early to say, but what is emerging so far shows at least the over-the-top behaviors of both and many signs of an unhealthy relationship. Among the most anticipated witnesses, however, neither James Franco nor Elon Musk will testify: both were on Amber’s list released at the beginning of the trial, but have made it known that they will not be there.

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