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In his statement Tuesday evening at the end of his program, Johnny de Mol says, among other things: “Receiving guests to make a cheerful and fascinating show together is no longer possible for me. It’s hard for me, but I’m stepping aside now to work on my defense.”

‘Dried with GHB’

De Mol reached his decision after his lawyer received a letter this week, in which a foundation against sexual abuse demands clarification about an incident that would have occurred a few years ago.

The foundation relies on the report of a woman who claims to have been drugged with GHB by De Mol a few years ago and then sexually abused in a hotel. GHB is a party drug that reduces inhibitions. Johnny de Mol calls the allegation false.

According to De Mol’s lawyer, Mr. Peter Plasman, the letter from the foundation is vague and his client emphatically denies the accusation. “Johnny de Mol has never, anywhere in the world, drugged another person with anything and he has never sexually abused anyone,” says Plasman on behalf of Johnny de Mol.

Previous report of domestic violence

The foundation that sent the letter is assisted by legal advisor Karim Aachboun, who also represents Johnny de Mol’s ex-girlfriend, Shima Kaes. Aachboun sent letters to the De Mol family last year with the suggestion to put money on the table to avoid negative publicity. The family then reported an attempted threat to the police. This case is still under investigation by the police. Karim Aachboun denies all accusations: “No information has ever been leaked to the media about the report against Johnny de Mol for serious assault and attempted murder. The De Mol family has never been asked for money.”

Kaes then reported domestic violence by Johnny de Mol. Parts of the report were leaked earlier this month via HP/De Tijd. De Mol also denies these allegations. In his own program he swore that the allegations are not true. Through his lawyer, he requested the Public Prosecution Service to investigate the matter.

De Mol then continued his presentation activities as usual. After the second accusation – now anonymous – Johnny de Mol will still resign from his duties and will focus on his defense and rehabilitation in the coming period.



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