John de Bever can’t laugh at the question in I Know Everything About It

In the program, in which well-known Dutchmen with their own expertise have to answer as many questions correctly as possible, the following question came up in yesterday’s broadcast: “The only thing that was even worse than the game of Orange in qualifying is the European Championship single of John de Bever. What’s this song called?’

The singer in question was also in front of the tube and reacts as follows: ‘Nice program! Odd question. But you can’t get that smile off my face either!’

Many followers support him. ‘John just good song, they are jealous of you’, ‘Don’t you care’ and ‘Weird question John, just great song’ are among other responses.

Recently, John also brought a smile to the face of Lili Genee, the wife of presenter Wilfred Genee. She’s wanted to be in a music video all her life, and that wish came true last spring:

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