Joel Embiid went back to the pool table to treat his thumb

The foot, the knee, the shoulder, the face and now the thumb… Injuries do not want to let go of Joel Embiid, he has even become one of the favorite patients of the surgeons at the Philadelphia hospital. The latter have recently been able to see their favorite: the pivot French Cameroonian had to return to the hospital to treat his right hand, the one that made him suffer during the Playoffs.

The Sixers announced it yesterday morning: Joel Embiid finally had surgery to repair the right thumb which prevented him from being 100% during these 2022 Playoffs. As a reminder, the pivot of Philly carries around a torn thumb ligament from the first round against the Raptors. A very annoying injury but the former Kansas player decided to fight, playing another six games with an inch “less” to try to annoy the Heat as much as possible. But it didn’t pay off, Miami qualified for the Eastern Conference Finals. Eliminated, Embiid was therefore able to take the opportunity to go and treat his sores and it went through a passage on the billiards. Doctors were able to treat his damaged right thumb, as well as his left index finger. Yes, it was not planned in the estimate, but the native of Yaoundé had to have surgery on both hands. As for his fracture at the level of the orbital bone, which is located just below the temple, there was no need for repair, rest will do the job. We then come to the most important: the date of Mr. Embiid’s return to the field. We can’t quite know the exact date but if we compare his injury to that of Bam Adebayo, who was stopped for six weeks during the regular season for a similar thumb tear, Joel should be largely back for the training camp. Tim Bontemps from ESPN confirms the calculation, indicating that the pivot will be operational for the recovery of the Sixers.

Another operation for Joel Embiid, therefore, to wonder when the ordeal will end… The Sixers pivot could not play for the two seasons following his Draft in 2014 and, just after his rookie year, he had to go back to the hospital. The seasons pass and the small physical glitches follow one another. For the 2021-22 financial year, it was thought that it had finally calmed down: 68 games played during the regular, Joel had never played so many in six years, all complemented by a career-high of 30.6 points per game average over the season. By becoming the first pivot to be the League’s scoring leader since Shaq in 2000, the Cameroonian interior even finished second in the race for the MVP title behind an unattainable Nikola Jokic. What also ensure him a membership in the All NBA First Second Team. Place for healing and rest now. Hoping that this umpteenth operation will help him consolidate his body so that he can return to combat next season to nab this MVP title that has been hanging over him for two years now.

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Injured in the thumb during the Playoffs, Joel Embiid had decided to grit his teeth to give the Sixers a chance to play for the title. Now on vacation, the native of Yaoundé can treat his sores properly. There’s a 2022-23 season looming, it’s better to be at 100% to still be able to send heavy.

Source texte : ESPN



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