Joe Rogan is talking about video games again, and is going viral because of it. During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the comedian and podcaster suggested video games are a waste of time, and these comments circulated around the Internet and social media with great speed. Not long after, people, and in particular, prominent members within the gaming community, responded. Some agreed with Rogan’s take, others defended with context, but most took umbrage with it.

“Video games are a real problem,” said Joe Rogan while speaking during JRE #1514 with Joe De Sena. “They are a real problem. You know why? Because they are f****g fun. I have a real problem with them. And they are really exciting, but you don’t get anywhere.

Rogan continued, liking the hobby to martial arts, noting that somebody can learn and get obsessed with jujutsu, and this could — emphasis on could — lead to an actual career. However, it could also go nowhere. Equating the two, Rogan notes the same is true about video games. It’s possible to build a career out of a passion or obsession for video games, but it’s not common.

Rogan also admits, the same is true with a career in stand-up comedy, and that he was told that his passion for it was a waste of time. As a result, he doesn’t like the “one in a million” rhetoric about making a career off video games, but he does say it’s difficult and warns against the negative effects of playing too many rounds of Quake.

As you would expect, shortened versions of the video above have been going viral, and in many cases, people are slamming the comedian’s take whilst not listening to it in its entirety. However, others have pointed out the actual faults in the take, which is that it’s a generalization and misses the point that most people who play games play them within moderation and do so not to make a career out of it, but as a form of entertainment.

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