Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson turtle in photo shoot

It looks like Jodie Turner-Smith (36) and Joshua Jackson (44) are still on cloud nine. The actress has been happy with her lover for a good three years now. After her marriage in December 2019, her daughter made her little family happiness perfect in April 2020. On the Internet or at events, the spouses repeatedly show how much they are in love with each other. Snapping turtle Jodie and Joshua neatly rounded for an advertising campaign.

On them Instagramaccount, the 36-year-old has now published some impressions from the Christmas photo shoot. In addition to individual shots of the two lovebirds, the “Queen & Slim” actress also posed with her lover. Thus they could Jodie and Joshua barely keep your hands off each other: In some photos, they look deeply into each other’s eyes or laugh exuberantly with each other. One of the photos also shows the couple cuddling on a staircase.

The company then posted a video on its official website in which Jodie and Joshua talking about their perfect Christmas. “Definitely music, tequila and family – loved ones just have to be there”, the former Dawson’s Creek actor and his wife agreed. The two also remembered a special Christmas moment when the whole neighborhood sang Christmas carols together.

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith at the 27th Critics Choice Awards, 2022
Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson in January 2021

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