Joaquín Mora, murdered Jesuit priest, taught in Tamaulipas

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Joaquin Mora Salazar was one of the two Jesuit priests who were murdered in Chihuahuabut he a few years ago Taught classes at a private school in the southern area of ​​Tamaulipaswhere he left great teachings to his students who remember him fondly and mourn his death.

Martín Solares, originally from Tampico, says that he received classes from Father Mora, who, on his way through Tamaulipas, chose the Pescadores neighborhood to give masses and serve the community.

“In an obligatory way, he took us one by one to verify the conditions in which people lived in one of the most abandoned regions of the state. Then he asked us to donate clothes, books, school supplies, food, but above all time to listen to them and accompany them”.

They referred to him as a saint

He says that the priest lived in an austere way, his goal was always to help those who needed it.

“When he came to teach at our high school he had already come from teaching mass in that neighborhood and from helping a member of the community to the best of his ability. I don’t think anyone on this planet can say that they sought luxury. We never knew her more than a handful of shirts, and perhaps just two pants, always worn, because if a family gave her some clothing, she immediately distributed it among the people of the neighborhood that she adopted ”.

He states that the father explicitly asked to serve in this type of colony or community in each of the states in which he lived.

“If we complained about the heat and the little air that the school fans distributed, he immediately told us about the conditions in which they lived in the Pescadores neighborhood, and about the difficulties of the neighbors, not to get air conditioning, but water. potable. Without a doubt, he has been the quietest of all the Jesuits I have had the fortune to meet. He earned the respect for life of anyone, as it happened to his students. Seeing his example, even the most atheistic people in Tamaulipas referred to him as a saint.”

His love for the Tarahumara mountains

The former student says that one way to make the Father Moorish It was to ask him about the Sierra Tarahumara, one of the first places the Jesuits sent him to help the community.

“As much as he loved Tamaulipas, he always dreamed of going back there. Her stories highlighted how isolated that community was, how urgent it was to ask for medicine for her on a routine basis, and above all, her way of living the sacred, which can only be appreciated in that place”.

your favorite book

Joaquín Mora was a friend of reading, but above all a friend of a single book, which always accompanied him.

“Every time the end of his class came, he took out his cracked copy of ‘My Left Foot’ and read us a chapter from the famous autobiography of Christy Brown, the young man who managed to overcome cerebral palsy to communicate with his family… I know that more than 30 years later, his students remember the voice of Father Mora, carefully reading each of the words that make up that book, as if they were steps that lead to a better place.”




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