André Kosters / Lusa

Former prime minister and former socialist leader, José Sócrates

José Sócrates will have convinced the mayor of Barcelos, Miguel Costa Gomes, to give up support for Ricardo Costa and support Joaquim Barreto’s reelection in PS-Braga.

The elections for president of the 19 socialist federations took place on Friday and Saturday. In Braga, Joaquim Barreto was reelected with 2,200 votes, against 1,669 votes obtained by Ricardo Costa.

“Here I want to thank the engineer José Sócrates, a person I never abandoned and with whom I always kept in touch, for the support he gave us in Barcelos in this campaign”, said the socialist deputy in his victory speech.

Ricardo Costa was the main rival Joaquim Barreto to the leadership of the Minho socialist federation and believed he could win. Barcelos was the municipality where he had the greatest support, as mayor Miguel Costa Gomes was the main strategist of his candidacy. However, Público writes that, three weeks before the elections, Costa Gomes turned the tables and supported Joaquim Barreto’s reelection.

This sudden change is explained by the influence of the former prime minister José Sócrates, who had lunch with both of them to appeal to Costa Gomes to support Barreto’s reelection. In fact, José Sócrates even went to the house of the Mayor of Barcelos to advise you not to make enemies at a time when he was fragile, wrote the Jornal de Barcelos.

At issue is the arrest of the mayor in the context of Operation Teia, which left him under house arrest.

Thus, Público advances that Barreto, together with Sócrates, managed to demobilize more than 500 militants from various parishes in Barcelona in a universe of 2,500 militants with voting capacity.

“I was hoping to win, if in Barcelos what hadn’t happened ”, Ricardo Costa told the morning after the defeat.

Martinho Gonçalves, chief of staff of the ex-secretary of Youth and Sports, Laurentino Dias, expressed his discontent through social networks.

“In the past weekend, two senior officials from the Braga district have miserably tarnished the honor of the PS and its militants! I am in a state of shock and I never thought that this time I would go through such a shame! Joaquim Barreto and Miguel Costa Gomes: in life and also in politics, not everything is worth. And you two are unworthy of belonging to the Socialist Party. Shame on you“, Wrote Gonçalves in his Facebook account.