Jinko Solar has created a record-breaking solar cell: its efficiency exceeds 26%

Jinko Solar, a Chinese company that produces high-performance photovoltaic panels (the same that supplied more than 500,000 double-sided modules to Greece) recently developed a photovoltaic panel consisting of large (182 mm) N-type crystalline silicon cells, called TOPCon, capable of achieving an efficiency of 26.1%, as also independently confirmed by the National Institute of Metrology of China. All photovoltaic units can be divided into two categories; type pe type n. The first definition refers to cells doped with atoms they have one electron less than silicon, such as boron, resulting in a positive charge (p). N-type cells, on the other hand, are doped with atoms having one more electron than silicon, thus resulting in a negative charge (n) and they are more effective (and more expensive) than the positive counterpart.

BO With an acronym derived from Tunnel Oxide Passivating Contact and refer to the technology involves introducing a thin oxide layer between the metal contacts and the silicon wafer; by extension, it is used by those skilled in the art to identify a structural solution aimed at improving the performance of the cell.

Jinko Solar’s R&D department has developed interface defect passivation technologies using highly transparent polysilicon film and laser-doped selective emitter-based ultra-thin metallization technologies and enabled us to set the new record of maximum conversion efficiency of 26.1% compared to the April value of 25.7%.


Dr. Jin Hao, CEO of Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. “We are proud to have achieved a major breakthrough in the conversion efficiency of TOPCon N-type cells in less than six months, breaking the record we previously set for N-type monocrystalline silicon solar cells. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our company. talented R&D team to create this important milestone in the company’s product and solution innovation. We will continue to invest in R&D innovation and mass production capabilities and accelerate the pace of industry upgrading for advanced N-type products. We are confident of better returns to our customers with our modern technology and a reliable supply chain.”

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