Last night the singer Charly García received a warm tribute in the program “Los Mammones” which is hosted by Jey Mammón. After it, an unexpected call came to the floor, Charly was behind the phone and from the beginning he thanked them for the celebration they did live.

“I was watching the show and I loved it. The songs came out very well. Nothing went wrong, “said the singer while talking to Jey Mammón. Charly García is about to turn 70 in a few weeks and different tributes are already being made to celebrate one more year in the life of former Sui Generis and Serú Giran.

The artists who performed their songs live were: Lito Vitale, Benito Cerati, Rosario Ortega, Hilda Lizarazu, Leo García and Fernando Samalea. In turn, Charly mentioned that he followed each theme of the tribute with his keyboard: “I was watching TV from bed and with the keyboard next to me, accompanying you.” Without hesitation, this call surprised and excited the entire program. From the beginning, the conductor Jey Mammón was moved by having received these words from Charly García himself.

On October 23 Charly will be 70 years old and he was happy and excited about the arrival of that day: “I’m expectant, because birthdays are always rare. And something is going to happen, it has already started to happen with the program, but I know that they are going to honor me ”.

In the City of Buenos Aires and throughout the month of October, different activities will be held to honor the singer. There will be photographic, music and literary exhibitions. On the same day of his birthday there will be a show at the San Martín Theater under the musical direction of Lito Vitale.


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