Jewish community plans Sabbath zone – Why Wiedikon might soon be spanned by a nylon cord

Why Wiedikon might soon be spanned by a nylon cord

In the city of Malden, USA, a thread is attached to mark what is known as an eruv.

This would be possible in the future within a so-called eruv. A symbolically closed zone is created with a nylon thread, in which orthodox Jews can also move more freely on the Sabbath. What already exists in New York, Amsterdam or Vienna, the Jewish communities now also want in Zurich.

Many Jewish families live in Zurich's districts 2 and 3.

All of Zurich’s Jewish communities support the project

Within the white thread, certain activities are permitted that are otherwise forbidden by Jewish law.

The Eruv should fit into the cityscape

For the newly elected city parliamentarian Jehuda Spielman, the eruv has a deeper meaning.
There is already a small eruv at the synagogue on Zurich's Freigutstrasse.

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