Jessica Selassi is a victim of stalking

In the last few hours Jessica Selassiè, during a live broadcast Instagram with his lawyers Giulia and Giorgio of the LawPills law firm, he revealed some painful background he experienced after his experience at Gf vip and that affect his private life.

In a recent live on Instagram conducted with her lawyers, the princess of the Gf Vip Jessica Selassiè spoke about the delicate issue of stalking:

Famous people, known to the public have to deal with stalkers who are often the number one fans and go beyond that limit. They become obsessed with that person and try in any way to have a communication with her or in any case they manage to find out where they work rather than an office, a home. They send gifts and when they are not calculated they become aggressive. They change and there they also start making threats to you, as well as filling you with insults.

Jessica Selassié revealed that notoriety has heavily influenced his way of using the media:

If you put the tag of where you are because one publishes without thinking. That gives the person, your stalker, a chance to start following you because he knows where to find you. And then he uses social media to write to you, because he doesn’t have your number, he doesn’t know where you live. Social networks make this relationship “direct” even though these people do not know each other.

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Gf Vip: Jessica Selassiè reveals a painful background

Jessica-The sister of Lulù Selassiè he then added:

There are different types of profiles here, fan pages that use your personal images, stalkers who hide behind fan pages.

The princess then spoke about what happened to the former competitor of the GF Vip Denis Dosio their Instagram account hacked:

It seems to me a week ago that Denis Dosio’s Instagram profile, who is a public figure, was closed, I don’t know why it was closed. But I know that he has been reported by many people. Maybe for content that people didn’t like, so these haters started reporting it. This mass reporting resulted in their profile being closed. He no longer has it and will not even be able to recover it. He will have to open another one.



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