The new look of Jésica cirio (36) generated controversies on social networks, and in fact she herself was the first to admit her disagreement: “I swear I didn’t like it!”. Beyond her self-criticism, some comments on social networks were hurtful and the host of The Rock of Morfi He came out defiantly to respond to his detractors with his hairstyle already settled after a few days: “I love the cut I got in my bangs“.

“I did it because the other day I was about to do an interview, and how we were looking to make a different hairstyle, something different, we said ‘let’s risk and let’s cut the bangs a little ‘”, justified the wife of the mayor of Lomas de Zamora, Martin Insaurralde.

“So it was. If they like it, much better. And if not, the hair grows”, Jésica picante closed in the video that she recorded especially for Stephanie Berardi and Carmen Barbieri, who aired it on Morning (Monday to Friday at 10.30 a.m. City Magazine).

At first, Cirio had had a dialogue with Gerardo Rozin, your partner in the show Telefe: “I’m going to tell the truth about ‘el fringe’. I cut it off the day I did the interview with J Balvin. I didn’t have the best day. I swear I didn’t like it! I had no reaction time and I couldn’t make it grow. We accommodated it yesterday, it was ordered right there. Before it was a controversial thing. “


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