According to Jennifer, maternity leave in your own country is far from long enough if you are also breastfeeding. “How should that be?” she wonders in the interview. “That’s really too short. (…) As if the government makes money on breast pumps. Is there a deal behind it or something?”

According to the actress, the Netherlands does not meet the requirement of the World Health Organization at all. “The WHO says that women should be given at least six months. And here they have to go back to work after three or four months. Retarded.”

She herself also experienced the necessary obstacles when she had to go back to work, but was still breastfeeding her son. The actress had to do the program 3 on Journey abroad and her partner Dorian was eventually forced to follow her so that son Cooper could still get breast milk.

Jennifer also doesn’t plan to stop breastfeeding anytime soon. “Cooper is growing well because of it. It’s easy for me. Why should I stop and start with milk powder? I can always do that in a few months.”

Jennifer previously said in an interview that she experienced her pregnancy as magical.

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