Jennifer Aniston looks 53 in a bikini

Jennifer Aniston left her followers gasping after the “Friends” star showed off her figure while vacationing on the beach. The 53-year-old actress is one of the Hollywood figures who remains in excellent shape no matter how many years pass and with a pink bikini she showed that age does not matter to look beautiful and confident.

Although the vacation is over for the host of “The Morning Show”, it was only after she returned from the beach that the actress was encouraged to share some of the moments she lived among the waves, the sea and the sun. to share.

Aniston shared a few photos on her Instagram account, where she can be seen sunbathing and enjoying the view that the sea and its endless waves have to offer, but during her vacation, the actress was accompanied by friends who walked beside her in the sand has.

According to “E! News” Jenn’s companions are none other than the actor Jason Bateman, his co-star in the films “The Switch” and “Horrible Bosses”, and his wife Amanda Anka, with whom he has a close friendship for a long time. many years.

But, as in everything, there is no deadline that is not met and the rest days are over for the actress who is currently concentrating on hosting the morning show “The Morning Show”, so, along with the photos, the caption : “Take us back.”

“You know, she’s supposedly famous and probably successful and you see how she handles it with incredible normality and grounding,” the actor said in 2017, assuring that this was one of Aniston’s qualities that kept him very close to her, because “it taught her a lot about how to deal with it and enjoy it without being too supportive.”

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But now that Aniston is back at work, she has hinted that she is lining up new projects, after the actress prepared a surprise for her father, actor John Aniston, who she honored at this year’s Emmy Awards for his career as actor who started in 1962. What other surprises do you have in store?



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