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Dhe WKO advisory service for entrepreneurs is more in demand than ever. Josef Kropf from the Jennersdorf branch explains what is currently important.

Horrendous electricity and energy prices, inflationary waves, labor shortages far and wide: Entrepreneurs are piling up their concerns. Unfortunately, according to the publicly accessible website, a Jennersdorfer company was hit; the bakery branch Hütter had to file for bankruptcy. Insolvency administrator Thomas Deschka gives the all-clear: “The Hütter branch will continue, as will all other locations. There will be no layoffs.”

“The doors of the WKO are always open to everyone”

At the moment, advice on the energy cost subsidy is in high demand at the Jennersdorf branch of the Chamber of Commerce, as regional head Josef Kropf explains.

“Following the government’s decision on the energy cost subsidy, we at the Chamber of Commerce are currently advising how the whole thing will go on. In any case, what we always advise is to consult a tax advisor.”

In principle, every entrepreneur must have an overview of his business. “Otherwise, the tax consultant comes first, followed by a good banking partner. Legal advice is also offered in the WKO,” adds Josef Kropf and at the same time wants to encourage: “Yes, it is currently a daily battle between high inflation, price increases, a shortage of workers and energy costs, but you should still look positively into the future. I run a catering business myself and I know that you shouldn’t lose heart; it will get better. Every entrepreneur is very important for the economy and our door in Jennersdorf is always open, that’s what we’re here for. Ultimately, as an entrepreneur, you also have an obligation to your employees.”



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