Jenifer lets go like never before, she reveals a crazy sway that literally surprises Internet users

After a slight withdrawal from media life, Jenifer is making his comeback today. Indeed, the singer made a very noticed appearance on the web to announce the release of her next title. In the company of Léa Castel, the pretty brunette then unveils a sequence related to their new artistic project. Her fans will also be very happy to find her in great shape after her recent childbirth. And indeed, the two stars seem full of energy. They thus offer the public a truly memorable little dance session. Objection explains everything to you.

Jenifer: a comeback to the sound of the music of his last track

A big announcement

In recent months, Jennifer had indeed been discreet. But in reality, Corsica of origin had a good reason to be absent from the center of the scene. A few weeks ago, the famous singer and actress gave birth to her third child. On May 8, the baby was indeed pointing the tip of his nose at the Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde hospital in Ajaccio. From then on, the artist took some time for herself and for her family before making her return to the headlines. Today it is again!

For the occasion, Jenifer announces her next musical project which is none other than a duet with singer Léa Castel. The interpreter of Under the sun and the former protégé of Soprano have decided to unite musically to offer their fans a track entitled Resist. In order to titillate the curiosity of their subscribers, the two young women thus presented this week a small sequence which makes it possible to discover the first measures of this title. In this video, posted on the account Instagram by Léa Castel, Internet users could also discover how positive the energy seems between the two friends.

An intense dance session

In this video, the audience can see the work of the two singers in the heart of the recording studio. While Jenifer is holding the camera, Léa Castel has decided to embark on a real show. Totally unleashed, she sways to the sound of their new title. For her part, the young mother seems unable to hide her hilarity, but also her good humor. Obviously, the two artists seem indeed very anxious to make discover the result of their collaboration to the public. Also, the first reactions were not long in coming. And some were really not very complimentary. Objection explains why.

Indeed, upon discovering this joint work between Jenifer and Léa Castel, some fans were surprised at the lack of involvement of the team. The cover of this title has already caused a lot of reaction. On the web, some Internet users have thus really unleashed themselves by talking about a “botched” job. According to them, everything seems to have been done in a hurry: “The cover clearly leaves something to be desired”, “Yeah damn montage, a two-person photo wasn’t possible? Not terrible ! “,” It looks like a montage of a child, it is still abused that the marketing and artistic team can let this go, it is not professional limit to offer that !!! “,” Looks like a montage from the 80s “.

A long-awaited return nonetheless

Even though Jennifer is the subject of some criticism, she does not seem to have wanted to respond to the detractors. Moreover, nothing seems to be able to spoil his joy at returning to service. The pretty brunette is thus very impatient to discover how her audience will welcome this new title this Friday, June 4. If some are not fans of the cover of this song, the main one is indeed. Indeed, the song interpreted by Léa Castel and Jenifer could quickly become a real success in view of the notoriety and the talent of the two young women.

But to be definitively certain, we will have to wait for the first reactions from the public which should not be long. So Jenifer is back on the front page of the news after a very understandable withdrawal. Yet his absence from some recent events had once again made a lot of talk. In particular, when Jenifer had not honored with her presence the 20th anniversary of the Star Academy. While a big party was prepared by TF1, the pretty brunette had not actually appeared on the set alongside her old friends. Some had also not hesitated to reproach him while for his part Jenifer had explained having a lot of respect for this period of his life. But after this little controversy, the singer is now back in better shape than ever.

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