Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon will travel to space

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will live his childhood dream on July 20.

People can know who you are and they certainly know your company: Amazon. From what started as a small bookseller in 1994, it has grown into the world leader in e-commerce. The man behind all the innovation, including Prime, Alexa personal assistants, free two-day shipping, robots in stock – Amazon CEO is Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos is currently the richest person in the world. According to Forbes, it is worth around $ 177 billion, only topping Elon Musk, who ranks second with just $ 151 billion. Musk is known for his companies, Tesla and SpaceX, and appeared in “Iron Man 2” and was mentioned in “Star Trek: Discovery.”

“I actually like ‘Star Trek,’ because it shows a utopian future,” Musk said in an interview.

Unlike Musk, Jeff Bezos loves “Star Trek” and pulled a few strings to appear on “Star Trek Beyond.” Rather than get a mention as Musk, Jeff Bezos appeared in the movie, albeit with a lot of makeup and prosthetics.

Jeff Bezos and “Star Trek Beyond”

Jeff Bezos Cameo In Star Trek Beyond Movie As An AlienJeff Bezos Cameo In Star Trek Beyond Movie As An Alien Tricks Advertisers Use TO Make Ads Look Great | Behind The Scenes Cristiano Ronaldo Moments of Magic BACK In Action Watching Back At 2019 from 2020 At the Midts of COVID-19

“For years, I’ve begged Paramount, which is owned by Viacom, to let me be in a ‘Star Trek’ movie,” Bezos said in a GeekWire article. “I was very persistent, and you can imagine the poor director who got the call, you know, ‘You have to let Bezos be in your’ Star Trek ‘movie.”

“I said, ‘Look, I’ll put on any amount of makeup,” Bezos said in the article. “I will be invisible, no one will know that it is me. But I want a spoken part, and I want it to be in a scene that is central to the plot so that it can’t end up on the cutting room floor. Those were my requirements and they met those requirements ”.

Bezos is the richest Trek fan in the world, and has been for years, and the franchise’s influence has remained strong throughout the years. When he was young, Bezos and his friends used to play “Star Trek.”

“We were fighting over who would be Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock, and someone was also playing the computer,” Bezos told USA Today. “It was really fun. We made little cardboard phasers and tricorders. Good Morning.”

When he delivered his high school farewell speech, he quoted the “Star Trek” mantra, “Space, the last frontier. Meet me there. “

Later, when he was deciding what to call his new company, he considered instead of because that’s what Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) said. Before launching the company (which he ended up naming Amazon), he held a party to see an episode of “The Next Generation.”

Jeff Bezos will travel to space

Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark will join the auction winner on New Shepard’s first human flightAuction bidding is already at $2.8 million with nearly 6,000 participants from 143 countries. Bidding is underway now at and concludes with a live online auction on June 12th. Anyone interested in bidding in the live auction must register by June 10th. Registration details can be found at The winning bidder will fly…2021-06-07T13:32:17Z

But, like Elon Musk, Bezos dabbles into the aerospace industry with his side hustle, Blue Origin. Yesterday, the company announced that Bezos and his brother, Mark, would be passengers on the first human flight of their New Shepard spacecraft. The trip will include one other person, and that will be decided through a bidding process. The tender is worth $ 2.8 million for this third and final seat in outer space, which will take place on July 20, 2021.

“Since I was five years old, I have dreamed of traveling into space,” Bezos said on Instagram. “On July 20 I will start that trip with my brother. The greatest adventure, with my best friend ”.

While Jeff Bezos is obviously a huge “Star Trek” fan, and Musk likes Trek, they are both pushing to “go bold” into space. Go bold, Musk’s mission for SpaceX is to get to Mars, while Bezos simply wants to “build a path to space” with Blue Origin.

Both very wealthy men cite Trek as an inspiration for their space travel plans, but they must like the fact that in the 24th century there are no taxes, at least according to “Star Trek” canon. According to CBS Marketwatch, Bezos and Musk have not paid federal income taxes for some time.

Los “Terran R rocket”

This Is Terran RThe future of space is here. Built for next-generation satellite launches and multiplanetary transportation, Terran R ushers in a new class of fully reusable launch vehicles. Created in our Factory Of The Future by the same printers as Terran 1, Terran R has unique aerodynamic features with algorithmically generated and optimized structures. As a two-stage,…2021-06-08T13:02:53Z

Interestingly, a new player has entered the field in the race for the stars, and they too have a connection to “Star Trek.” Relativity Space firm “Terran R rocket” is being touted as a direct competitor to Musk’s SpaceX. It will carry 20 times the payload that the Terran 1 rocket did.

Trek fans might laugh at the name “Terran” as it is used as the name of the terrible humans that inhabit Earth in the Mirror Universe. In defense of the Space of Relativity, the word “Terran” can be defined as “of the Earth as a planet”, and not necessarily as someone who will mentally merge with their doctor, instead of having a quiet conversation.

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