Jeep B-Suv, here is the electric in its final form

In the substantial documentation published by the group Stellar accompanying the presentation of the half-yearly accounts is the first official photo – live – of the Jeep B-Suv. Not a surprise, given that the car had already been anticipated in the past few months by spy photos, rendering officers and sightings on the road of the forklifts, but here there are all the trappings of officialdom, name excluded.

Unveiled in 2023. The two-tone color, with black that streamlines the lower part with raw plastics, the roof and the shiny pillar, enhances the shapes of the car which appears larger than its real size, especially in width. The “e” on the second slot from the right confirms the electric powertrain, so much so that the grille itself is now closed. The rear door has the handle hidden in the dark upper part, while of the optical groups we only see the horizontal daytime LED. The generational leap compared to the current Renegade is evident, with a strong inspiration for the larger models in the range.

Jeep, Fiat and Alfa. The small electric Jeep (the first Bev of the brand) will debut at the beginning of 2023 and will take advantage of an advanced variant of the CMP platform, technically capable of also hosting endothermic engines. Jeep could remain battery-only, while the twins Fiat ed Alfa Romeo they should also offer traditional engines.

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