Home Tech Jean-Marc Jancovici: France, a “completely nuclear” country?

Jean-Marc Jancovici: France, a “completely nuclear” country?

Jean-Marc Jancovici: France, a “completely nuclear” country?

On closer inspection, oil and gas remain dominant for heating, transport or agriculture.

If there is one expression concerning energy, used in France, that we have all heard at least once, it is that which describes our country as “all nuclear”. Does this mean that we only use the energy of the atom in France?

There is certainly some truth in this expression. In fact, the atom is dominant in our electricity production: 72% in 2018, ahead of hydroelectricity, which weighs 11%; flame thermal (gas and coal), 9%; wind, 5%; and solar, 2%. However, we do not hold the world record for the amount of nuclear electricity consumed per person: this palm is owned by … Sweden. Indeed, if this country has a share of nuclear which represents only a small half (42%) of its production, its electricity consumption per inhabitant is almost double that of France.

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