Jean-Claude Van Damme: “I am not afraid of the covid, I try to ignore it”

Passing through Touche Pas à Mon Poste on C8, Jean-Claude Van Damme shared his opinion on the Covid-19 and raised a good number of eyebrows. Referring to the coronavirus pandemic, the Belgian actor affirmed that he is not afraid of the virus and does not think that barrier gestures are necessary.

Of the latest surge of cases, he said: “It’s a warning, a final warning I believe from nature. I’m not so scared of the Covid, I’m trying to ignore it.”

Regarding barrier gestures, masks or even vaccines, JCVD ​​is convinced that this is not necessary for him because he considers that his body is strong enough to face the disease.

“I don’t put on a mask,” he added. “It’s not good to say that but I stay at a distance. I think we have to live with this virus. One, we have no choice, we do not know how to avoid it, two, sport is is good. I am “equiped”, I am equipped against the virus. I travel a lot, in a lot of countries, I see a lot of people, and I hope that it will get better and better with this vaccine. his instinct. Again, I say, sport is good. ”

It is important to note, however, that scientists are adamant on this issue: playing sports and having a good immune system is not enough to avoid or transmit the virus. Barrier gestures, washing hands regularly, masks, and vaccines are the only tools that can protect a person from the virus or prevent them from infecting others.

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