The chronicler from Salamanca gives El Viti a page that goes through names and dates that made the square a world reference

The teacher Santiago Martn El Viti talking with the journalist Javier Lorenzo, a preacher of the Fiestas de la Virgen de la Vega.

Before Plaza Mayor, in Salamanca there were already bulls. They run in an immense and deformed square that had been growing under the shelter of the church of San Martn, on the right boundary of the area that controlled the sides that ruled with a knife and knife traps the city. And even before, it could almost be said that with the first medieval repopulators the horned ones arrived to have something to celebrate in those times.

It is an example, only one of why Salamanca and the bull have been saving each other over the centuries. One of the countless episodes that the chronicler from SalamancaJavier LorenzoIt travels in its vibrant pregnancies of the Bullfighting Fair 2019. Not in the Glorieta pool, but on the platform of the Palacio de Figueroa, as dangerous as the first and perhaps something more irreverent, Lorenzo gathers a tight capacity of professionals and fans of the world del toro to attend one of the most important tasks of the journalist charro.

And his was a speech full of allusions to the history of bullfighting and its relationship with Salamanca. As a charrera and field. He acknowledged that he would have liked to live closely the stage of Julin CasasThe Salamanquino, the first Salamanca bullfighter in history who was part of the Cchares gang, or in the placement of the first stones that shaped the current La Glorieta square to the season, and at least as far as the fourth bullring is known As such the city has had.

At its newly released thirty-ten, as Joaqun Sabina would say, the Mirobrigense is a benchmark of tactic bullfighting. And although they are no longer times of suitcases, he lived a similar fate until gaining a place in the posters of the press. A race started on those trips from Ciudad Rodrigo to Salamanca driven by his love of the bull. Then I was waiting crouched in the gangyard for the arrival of the bullfighters with the illusion of a child who went from wanting to put on the suit of lights to succeed in the fairs to do so with the pen in his hand.

Paper tasks that may not give the glory of a large door but give other satisfactions. Quin was going to tell that boy – Lorenzo acknowledges – that nothing less thanSantiago MartnThe Viti, "the best bullfighter in the world", will end up going through years of intent to friend. Relationship that already anticipates a biography of Vitigudino's genius who is close to seeing the light.

And as you pass between memories, history and legend. Yesterday and tomorrow. Ols short before luxury spectators such as Victorino Martn, president of the Toro de Lidia Foundation or the bullfightersJuan del lamo, Alejandro Marcos or Damin CastaoAmong the many fans, friends and colleagues. The representation of the brave salmantino field with farmers likeJuan Ignacio Prez Tabernero, Moiss Fraile or Angel Casasola.

A personal triumph of the journalist and also a reference text to know the influence of history in the capital of Tormes.

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