Jasson Domínguez continues to impress the Yankees

Dominican Jasson Domínguez is seen as one of the prospects who have attracted the most attention in recent years, with astronomical expectations accompanying his professional debut in the Yankees organization in 2021. From the point of view of the general manager of the group of New York, Brian Cashman, the ambidextrous phenomenon has lived up to those expectations.

Dominguez played seven games at the rookie level before moving up to Class-A Lower Tampa, where he hit .258/.346/.398 with nine doubles, one triple, five home runs and 18 RBIs in 49 games. Cashman said he thinks the Dominican is among a select group of prospects who have the ability to handle that kind of jump to a full-season league at 18 years old.

“His work ethic is exceptional; his determination to succeed is impressive,” Cashman recently stated. “Meeting with any of the departments, whether it’s player development or performance science, the numbers that come up … he’s pretty much an anomaly, something you don’t see very often.”

Dominguez signed a $5.1 million signing bonus with the Bombers as an international free agent in July 2019, an amount that was a franchise record for an international signing and left only $300,000 in the bonus budget for that class of free agent. hirings.

Ranked by MLB Pipeline as the No. 2 prospect in New York, the speedy outfielder has drawn comparisons to some of the greatest athletes in baseball history, including Bo Jackson, Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout.

“There are a lot of talented people, but he has a higher level of talent than most,” Cashman said. “If, obviously, he can take all of that and show it at his production level, we’ll be talking about someone very special.”

Kevin Reese, who was recently promoted to the Yankees’ vice president of player development, said the organization is “extremely excited” to see Dominguez back on the field to continue his march to the Majors.

“Wherever he plays, he’s turning heads,” Reese said. “His ability to have a connection with people, to lead at such a young age, the speed of take-off, his legs. Some things we measure in the performance science aspect are off the charts. We just want you to keep playing; I think he has all the capabilities.”

Reese added that the Yankees haven’t decided what level Dominguez will start at this season. It’s probably in Class-A Lower Tampa, where the club recently signed Rachel Balkovec as the first manager in affiliated professional baseball. Balkovec worked with Dominguez as hitting coach in the Florida Complex League last year.

“I think everyone already knows that he can hit the ball hard,” Balkovec said. “But I think when people understand the kind of person he is — he’s got a phenomenal personality for the clubhouse. He always wants to learn. Right now, we are taking English classes. Right now, we’re not even talking about baseball.

“We are talking about how English can help him in the future to be a leader among not only Latino players, but also American players. His talent on the ground is obvious, but people have to realize that behind the scenes he’s a pretty special person. What he brings to the clubhouse on a personal level is phenomenal.”



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