Japan’s swimming star Daiya Seto despite the Olympic 2021 affair

EThe news from young Mr. Seto, a person who swims, is good. Despite moral concerns, the Japanese federation is now allowing him to compete in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. We remember: Reporters revealed that the talented crawler had met a woman he was not married to in a so-called love hotel.

Apart from the fact that it is hypocritical when a country maintains extra hotels for lunches and then gets upset that someone is staying there, the question now arises: It must be feared that the swimming world champion will keep morale in the athletes’ village at underwater level will press?

The answer: Probably not, if you consider that in 2016 in the athletes’ village in Rio, 450,000 condoms were virtually ripped from the hands of donors. With 11,000 athletes that makes just under 41 per person! And they are probably not all married to each other. Well, some condoms were probably taken as souvenirs. But enough of that. What the young woman Seto says about all of this is not an Olympic topic anyway.


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