The Japanese government this Monday proposed to the Japanese an original solution to respond to the crisis in international and national tourism: combining telework and holidays.

The proposal was put forward by the government’s spokesman minister, Yoshihide Suga, as August approaches, a month traditionally marked by high temperatures in Japan during which many Japanese take the opportunity to take a few days off. The idea was presented by Suga at an official meeting during which solutions were discussed to promote tourism in Japan, when arrival of foreign visitors has fallen 99.9% since April and internal displacement has registered a sharp decline.

Last week, the government launched a campaign to promote domestic tourism, with subsidies for travel and hotel stays, taking advantage of the last extended four-day weekend. The inhabitants of Tokyo were excluded from this official promotion, so that they do not spread the new coronavirus to the rest of the country, taking into account the high levels of infection registered in the last days.

According to the public broadcaster, NHK, at that meeting Suga proposed the idea of popularize a new style of work and travel, in which people can continue to ensure work while enjoying stays in resorts or spas. The same official also suggested that companies create “satellite offices” in these places, usually destined for rest, in a country known for the “addiction” of its inhabitants to work.