Janet Jackson: In the interview, singer reveals very own views on body love

Janet Jackson
In the interview, the singer reveals very own views on body love

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Janet Jackson speaks in a rare interview about her lifelong struggle to accept her own body and her very own attitude towards the aging process.

Sometimes fuller, sometimes slimmer, the nose sometimes wider, then narrower and so many other beauty tricks – singer Janet Jackson, 55, has known all of this since early childhood. She has come a long way to be at the point today that she finally feels comfortable in her own skin, as she reveals herself. In an interview with the US magazine “Allure”, the singer speaks openly about her personal attitude towards the topic of getting older in the show industry.

Janet Jackson: “I Hope I Age With Grace”

The singer openly says about the aging process: “We all get to this point at some point. Each of us wants to stay young forever, but the aging process is inevitable,” Jackson said frankly. “There are other options, however. I don’t know when my day will come, but it will eventually come and I can choose which way to go. I hope I age with grace. It’s either a little tata or graceful,” added she added.

It took the singer a lot of courage to finally show her skin

Looking back at the beginning of her career, Janet opens up, who is currently producing a new documentary in which she tells her own story that she consciously turns away from traditional female clothing and never just wants to be feminine: “I was always rather boyish. It worked So it’s always about pants, suits – even as a young teenager, “is how Jackson explains her style before she released her 1993 album” Janet “. “I look back at pictures and always wore a suit and tie, bow tie or suspenders. I’ve always loved wearing black and never wanted to reveal much of my body,” she added.

Janet Jackson: “I had to learn to love my body first”

Jackson experienced a kind of change of heart when she decided to plunge into the “lion’s den” by posing topless with just her hands in front of her breasts for the legendary cover shoot of “Rolling Stone Magazine.” “To me accepting and learning to love myself for myself, my body, that was a big step. I try to feel comfortable in it, “explains Jackson.” Just get started, want to do something different. It took a lot of work, but I’m glad I made it. It was a way of accepting and loving, accepting myself and my body. ” The singer-songwriter, who shares her son Eissa Al Mana, 5, with ex Wissam Al Mana, 46, is thrilled to see how the music industry has changed in recent years thanks to new artists and their body positivity: “You feel in spite of her larger size, she feels comfortable in her skin and shows it, I think that’s great and I love it, unlike in the past, “she said. “I used to have to be thin and always look a certain way. And now everything is accepted and it’s all beautiful and I absolutely love that.”

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