Janet Jackson: “I Hope I Age With Grace”

Janet Jackson is one of those superstars who rarely speak out in public, interviews are few and far between. As the cover model of the February issue of the US magazine “Allure”, however, she now gives rare insights into her soul.

In May 2022, Janet Jackson celebrates her 56th birthday – and the exhausting debate about getting old doesn’t stop in front of a star like Janet Jackson: “Somehow, of course, everyone wants to stay young, but in the end it can’t be stopped,” said the singer in the Interview with “Allure”. In the end, the process is the same for everyone.

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Why Janet Jackson always wore black

She herself is now finally at a point where she feels comfortable in her body – a fact that was definitely not always given. “I look at pictures from before, where I always wore a suit with a tie, a bow tie or suspenders. I loved wearing black to show as little of my body as possible. I always felt most comfortable when I revealed as much about myself as possible. “

Janet Jackson on stage. It often looked different behind the glittering facadeFoto: Getty Images

“I don’t know when my day will come, but it will come and I will choose the path I want to go.” Until then, however, the singer still has one great wish: “I hope I age gracefully.”


– Janet Jackson is still in control, Allure.com


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