Jan De Nul finished work in the port of Santa Fe

Jan De Nul finished work in the port of Santa Fe

It completed the removal of 60,000 m3 of sediments in the access channel to maintain navigable conditions in the area.

DREDGE.  The suction vessel Alfonso de Albuquerque.

DREDGE. The suction vessel Alfonso de Albuquerque.

South American Dredging Companyfilial local de Jan De Nul Grouprecently completed the dredging work in the Access Channel to the port of Santa Fe. The task consisted in the removal of 60,000m3 of sediments, which made it possible to maintain the navigable conditions of the area, which has a total length of 7.3 km and for which, required dredging at kilometers 586 to 589 of the Trunk Navigable Way (VNT).

For the fourth consecutive year, the firm was chosen to guarantee the accessibility of the Santa Fe port, which since the last dredging operation carried out in 2022, had suffered between the progressive kilometers 586.0 and 589.0 losses of depths with different levels of sedimentation that they extend along the first 3,000 meters. At the start of the work, bathymetry studies by the Faculty of Engineering and Water Sciences of the UNL demonstrated the importance of improving the operating conditions of the different terminals in the area, subject to the conditions offered by the depth level of the VNT. .

Within this framework, and to guarantee the success of the work, the company assigned its suction vessel Alfonso de Albuquerquea ultramodern boat and of high technology, which stands out for being the first dredger in the world to comply with strict international environmental standards, the Euro V. In addition, it has a state-of-the-art gas filtering system, which achieves a certified reduction of 99% of residual particles of the combustion. Likewise, this vessel was specially designed for the removal and cleaning of soft and loose soils, with a length of 89.3 meters and a beam of 22 meters, with a capacity of 3,500 m3 and up to a depth of 27.6 meters and which, It also has National Flag treatment.

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From South American Dredging Company expressed their Satisfaction for having been chosen for the development of this workwhich favors the operation and competitiveness of the port of Santa Fe, key for the export of Argentine agriculture, since thanks to its strategic location it has the potential to be the main cargo transfer station of the Paraná-Paraguay Trunk Waterway.

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