The James Webb Telescope.

The James Webb Telescope.
Image: NASA

We may have lost count of how many times this has happened, but the point is that has happened again: ehe James Webb telescope has suffered a new setback and its launch will have to be delayed (once again), which was scheduled for the next Dec. 18.

“A sudden and unplanned release from a restraint hitch, which ensured The telescope Webb to the launch vehicle adapter, caused a vibration throughout the telescope”, He explained The NASA. This unexpected vibration could have misadjusted some of the telescope’s instruments and that is why the space agency has decided to carry out various tests to ensure its integrity before sending it into space next December.

From problems with telescope integration to the inconvenience caused by pandemy coronavirus, el development of James Webb telescope has been plagued with drawbacks and delays. NASA expected to have completed what was to become the Hubble’s successor for the year 2007, but all kinds of problems have been postponing its development and subsequent launching.

However, despite this latest accident and the collection of errors that the telescope has already accumulated behind its back, NASA hopes to be able to send it into space on December 22.

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