Jaimie Vaes, ex-girlfriend of Dutch rapper Lil Kleine, reports: “It’s hard to be in a toxic relationship”

In mid-February, images circulated on social media showing how Lil Kleine Jaimie Vaes pulls her hair from a car and clamps her head between the car door. Those leaked images were necessary, says Vaes in the talk show “Khalid & Sophie” of BNNVARA. “There was no going back because of those images. I needed that, because I always went back,” she says.

In the meantime, Vaes has also filed a report. Which declaration exactly, her lawyer did not want to say in the program. “The criminal investigation is taking its course,” it sounds. The rapper himself awaits the lawsuit in freedom. He recently posted a video message apologizing. He also stated that he is working on himself in Thailand.

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