Jacksonville Jaguars (2-8) – San Francisco 49ers (5-5) : 10-30

Less than a week after a resounding victory against the Rams, the trip to Jacksonville looked like a trap for the Niners still in the race for a place in the play-offs. In a purely Shanahan-esque style, San Francisco methodically cut Jacksonville’s defense, leaving Trevor Lawrence (16/25, 158 yards) chomping down on the sidelines. Result: 38 minutes of possession for the visitors (22 for the locals), and a one-sided game (336 yards in attack for the Californians, 200 for the Floridians).

First interminable drive: the tone is set

Willingness to impose its paw or homage to French auteur cinema, no one knows, but San Francisco starts the match and decides to move forward at its own pace. A deliberately soporific pace, and a 77-yard drive that ends one yard from the in-goal. (Too) Chilly, the visitors are content with 3 points, especially after spending 13 minutes and 5 seconds on the field. It is quite simply the longest drive to start a game in the NFL since 2000.

With less than two minutes remaining in the first quarter, the Florida attack finally enters the field. 3 small games later, the ball is again in San Francisco. The Jaguars have put their finger in a gear that will swallow them until the end of the game.

Deebo Samuel, always

The centerpiece of the Rouge et Or attack this season, Deebo Samuel is still showing no signs of slowing down. 1 reception for 15 yards plus 8 races for 79 yards and a touchdown. In the offensive scheme of San Francisco, the Swiss Army Knife Samuel is like a fish in water, and unlocks a traditional racing game well padlocked by the Jaguar defense, one of the few satisfactions for Jacksonville (Jeff Wilson: 2, 6 yards per stroke, Trey Sermon: 3.2 yards per stroke).

Brandon Aiyuk, finally

Announced as the phenomenon to follow this season, Brandon Aiyuk had so far achieved any start to the campaign, sometimes relegated to the rank of third or fourth receiver. This time, the sophomore has established itself as a credible alternative to Samuel and Kittle, 7 times targeted, for 7 receptions, 85 yards and a touchdown. Finally, the receiver seemed alchemy with Jimmy Garoppolo (16/22, 176 yards, 2 touchdowns).

In conclusion, reversed dynamics: Overall, the meeting does not contain any black point for the Niners who can again be ambitious, while on the Jaguars side, the reasons for satisfaction are weak.

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