Jagex may still want to partner with the makers of an HD mod for Old School RuneScape. The developer announced this after criticism from players on social media. Earlier this week, Jagex requested the maker to stop developing the HD mod.

Jagex is in talks with 117Scape, the maker of the HD mod, the studio writes in a blog post. “We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. We’ve been discussing that feedback all day and, as discussions continue, we definitely intend to act on it,” the developer said.

The British developer has not announced any concrete plans yet, but indicates that it is investigating how the HD mod of 117Scape can be made available, until Jagex releases its own HD version of Old School RuneScape. “We spoke to 117Scape and Adam of RuneLite today and we are actively exploring how we can work together to provide the 117Scape plugin as a bridge to our own version ready for release.”

Earlier this week, it was announced that Jagex has demanded that 117Scape cease development of its HD mod. That fell a day before the HD mod’s release date. The mod would be available on September 6 as a plug-in for RuneLite, a client that allows gamers to play OSRS. Jagex also indicated that the company is “actively investigating” the possibilities for its own HD version of Old School RuneScape, and that it therefore does not want unofficial HD versions that “conflict” with the plans of the British studio.

The decision was met with much criticism from the OSRS community, who expressed their dismay on social media. Some players also held an in-game protest. 117Scape then showed know on Twitter that Jagex has contacted the modmaker again, to find out how they can “continue”. The modmaker indicates that “it looks positive”, and calls on players to be respectful towards Jagex employees.

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