Jacques and Thomas Dutronc were the guests of Laurent Delahousse’s France 2 newspaper this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. They came to talk about their upcoming tour scheduled for the year 2022. But this release clearly did not please everyone, as evidenced by the many comments left on Twitter.

“We already wear masks that hide smiles and moods, wearing sunglasses in front of an audience, it’s just disrespectful”, estimated a user on Twitter.

Some even risked the acronyms with their last name: “It’s not the Dutronc but the Duc * ns”, wrote a Twitto.

“The two stupid heads of Dutronc have to pull the worms out of their noses to make them talk with their sunglasses on the JT set … unbearable”, outbid another.

“Ridiculous”, “poorly polished”, “disrespectful”, the two men in Françoise Hardy’s life were deemed haughty.

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