Jacksonville massacre: the shooter had been hospitalized with mental disorders

The profile of the Jacksonville killer becomes clearer. The man who opened fire during a video game competition on Sunday in this large Florida city had been hospitalized twice with mental illness, reports the Associated Press agency.

David Katz, 24, killed two other players before taking his own life. Ten people were also injured. They were taking part in a tournament on the American football game “Madden NFL 19”.

Documents seized from the shooter’s home, in the State of Maryland, show that he had particularly badly lived the divorce of his parents, in 2007. During his adolescence, he had thus had to be treated twice, the first time during twelve days, the second time for thirteen days. He had been prescribed antidepressants, among other things.

Several incidents in adolescence

Court documents show that the shooter’s parents disagreed over how to handle his problems. The father believed that the mother was exaggerating the difficulties their son was suffering from.

David Katz was in any case compulsively playing video games during his schooling, frequently missing school and regularly forgetting to wash in order to devote as much time to his addiction as possible.

One day he had even locked himself in his mother’s car in an attempt to escape a medical appointment. A policeman intervened and handcuffed him.

After arguing with his mother for control of the television, again as a teenager, the shooter had followed a program of around 100 days in an establishment specializing in the treatment of mental disorders.