Iya Savvina’s special son was buried in Moscow

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The funeral of the special son of People’s Artist of the USSR Iya Savvina Sergei Shestakov took place in Moscow.

“I knew Seryozhenka well. We talked a lot, he was very smart – only a little boy of 64 years old. He grew up in love, in self-respect. Therefore, I believe his life lasted a long time. Everybody loved him around, ”said the 74-year-old critic Boris Afroimovich Lvovich.

Earlier, the critic told on his Facebook page about how the actress met her future husband and father Sergei:

“Once, at the very beginning of her journey, at the Moscow State University theater, Savvina married a talented scientist and her stage partner, Seva Shestakov. I don’t remember if this is true or a legend, but I heard from Iya that between the performances in the play “The Career of Arthur Wee” he discovered a certain “Shestakov’s formula”, which was included in many textbooks. I met him when he was a doctor of sciences and head of the department, an honorary professor of Moscow State University, he was over eighty, but I saw his young photo in the Savvinskaya drawing room – a handsome man! “

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