Ivory Coast / The Vonkoro ferry on the Black Volta defective for months

A view of the ferry used to cross the Black Volta

Bouna, June 16 (AIP) – The Vonkoro ferry (Boukani region, North-East) used to cross the Black Volta river which acts as the natural border between Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana has been defective for months , learned the AIP on Wednesday. “This tank requires rehabilitation and maintenance operations. It is pierced in places and it is with a vacuum cleaner that we evacuate the water that enters the hold. In addition, it is using a pinnace attached to the ferry that we make the various crossings ”, explained its manager, Zinan Kipaud Adou. He indicated that this palliative solution involves many dangers for the passengers and appeals to the administrative and political authorities for the rehabilitation of the machine. This…

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