L-Gante He was involved in a controversy this weekend due to the demands he had before giving a show at Venado Tuerto, which ended up being suspended. After targeting the organization of the event and receiving several accusations of having gotten on the “pony”, Ivan Noble gave his point of view on the matter and advised the singer.

I know little and nothing about L-Ghent, I am far away musically and generationally, but of only one thing I am sure: first they took him up to the Prime Time Circus and now that the spotlights are lighting it up, they are going to point it at his head “, shot the artist on his Twitter account.

The word of Iván Noble. Source: Twitter.

In addition, he made a note on his surroundings. “Hopefully the kid is surrounded by good wood. You will need it “The singer commented on his social networks.


L-Gante comes from starring in a round trip with Patricia Sosa, who assured that she did not know much about his music but made it very clear that she did not like it to appear in a video with a weapon. “I didn’t hear so much about L-Ghent … The alphabet, and the one that comes out with a gun and I don’t like it. He seems to me a charismatic boy, with good intentions ”, Patricia had said in Intratables.

“It is difficult for me, that I am from another generation, that I like the metaphorical, the well-spoken language, Argentinism, put there, it is difficult for me …”. And he decided to imitate the rags, he said: “So let’s go … I don’t understand anything !. I don’t want to look like my uncle Ricardo who told me ‘don’t rock, sing tango’ ”, the artist confessed.

Far from expressing his anger or annoyance, L-Gante echoed a post that Gente Magazine made on Instagram where he reflected these statements by the singer. “Patricia stops lorying and I came so you sing some songs to my mother and her friends. Give me your ryder ”, he sentenced with some humor.

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