“It’s the only thing Steph Curry lacks”

New defending champion, Stephen Curry undoubtedly has an incredible CV, but which could still grow over the years. For the Chief, perhaps another distinction is missing, which is very important for players as a rule. Steve Kerr, his coach, already knows what he has to do.

For the fourth time NBA champion, Stephen Curry continues to write his legend. He is considered by many to be the best point guard in history, although a Magic Johnson still has his say. Ja Morant went a little further, with a compliment that should make the Warrior very happy. For now, Steph will especially savor this title, because with several injuries in recent years, we can not say that it was the easiest.

The trophy that Steph Curry is still missing!

Next goal for the player? Enjoying the title of course, then a bit of a well-deserved vacation. Then, it will be necessary to resume the path of training, in view of the next season where the Warriors will logically want to defend their property. But Steve Kerr sees a little further. The latter spoke about the case of his player, and he believes that something important is still missing from the star.

I asked if Steph Curry was missing anything before his Finals MVP, Steve Kerr explained that he was still missing “a gold medal at the Olympics. I think he really needs to focus on the 2024 Games.” As a reminder: Steve Kerr is the coach of the men’s team for the Olympics.

Is Steve Kerr not already on a recruitment mission? It looks a lot like it. We imagine that Curry wants to win this gold medal, and that the presence of his coach should encourage his arrival. However, beware of a potential injury.

Curry at the Olympics? That’s obviously a big yes, just for show, and Kerr is not mistaken. In any case, the coach gives himself the chances of succeeding in 2024:

Haha that’s solid recruiting.

Nice recruiting pitch

Steve Kerr is already on a mission for the USA, with a view to the 2024 Olympics. Will Steph Curry be present? Everyone hopes for it, except the opponents of course, who don’t really want to meet the best shooter in history. But between now and the competition, there is still time to see what is coming.



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