“It’s not that Senesi is very bad either”

Geert den Ouden discusses the current selection of Feyenoord in the football talk show FC Rijnmond. The former football player is asked what position Feyenoord must strengthen in order to continue to participate for the top places in the Eredivisie.

Den Ouden believes that Marcos Senesi is currently one of the weak spots in the team, but the analyst would not immediately invest in a replacement, given the current budget. Lutsharel Geertruida may be able to offer a solution. ”What disappointed me the most at Feyenoord is Senesi: he has had a somewhat lesser first half of the season. Other than that, I think all players are doing well. Will you become a champion with it? I do not know. Senesi is actually the only downside of Feyenoord.”

Geertruida is an option to replace the Argentinian, but Den Ouden does not think he will be preferred. “I think Slot would like to have a left leg where Senesi plays,” said the analyst. The trainer must keep the defender sharp to get the mistakes out of his game. ”I think Slot will be very keen on that with Senesi in the coming weeks. It’s not that Senesi is very bad, he just has a lesser phase.”

Slot has to choose the defensive duo…


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