“It's not part of her life”: Frida Sofía reveals whether or not she will reconcile with her mother, Alejandra Guzmán

“It's not part of her life”: Frida Sofía reveals whether or not she will reconcile with her mother, Alejandra Guzmán


The journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante uncovered the whole truth about the supposed reconciliation

This is what is known. Credits: Special

Yesterday we informed you that Enrique Guzman He confessed that his daughter Alejandra Guzman and her granddaughter, Frida Sofiawere close to reconciling after spending several years apart after the young woman revealed that she was a victim of abuse by her grandfather.

As expected, the singer’s announcement did not go unnoticed by anyone, so the journalist in shows, Gustavo Adolfo Infante he took on the task of knowing the version of Frida Sofía. The statements of the young woman completely contradicted what was said by Enrique Guzman.

Frida Sofía talks about reconciliation with Alejandra Guzmán

During the recent transmission of the “De Primera Mano” program, the expert on show business, Gustavo Adolfo InfanteHe assured that he was able to contact Frida Sofía, daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, to find out if it was true that they were going to reconcile after a long time.

Without keeping anything, Gustavo Adolfo Infante explained that Frida Sofía He has no intention of making peace with his mother, Alejandra Guzmán, much less with his grandfather, Enrique Guzmán. The young woman herself would have said that she is not interested in a reconciliation.

“She (Frida Sofía) has no intention of seeing Alejandra, much less Enrique Guzmán and reconciling does not interest her, it is not part of her life,” Gustavo Adolfo Infante stated.

What did Enrique Guzman say?

Last Monday, May 8, we informed you that the famous singer, Enrique Guzmangranted an interview with different media outlets in which he revealed that Alejandra Guzman he was trying to reconcile with his daughter, Frida Sofia.

“I think it is close to being resolved, at least from her (Alejandra Guzmán). From the girl (Frida Sofía) I have no idea,” he said.


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