It's not magic, it's your taxes (III)

It's not magic, it's your taxes (III)

I resort for the third time, and everything indicates that it will not be the last, to this advertising slogan of the Ministry of Finance to comment the tombola that Pedro Sánchez has turned the Council of Ministers into in its strategy, lacking the most elementary democratic scruples, to try to turn around the polls with promises of housing, mortgage guarantees, improvement of professional training or with the so-called interrail bonus.

Long-term promises for the most part, not realities, which are already born with a serious starting defect: the absolute lack of credibility of the Prime Minister. And chimerical commitments that if carried out would mean an increase in spending of more than 10,000 million euros with which Sánchez and his troupe seek to buy the young vote in a country that leads the youth unemployment rate in the EU, with 30% of its young people unemployed, and whom they try to attract with siren songs due to their incapacity to offer them a job.

Only in real estate offers? Sánchez has already committed 4,760 million euros in the last month, of which most, 4,000 million correspond to ICO guarantees to finance 43,000 rental homes. Guarantees that are added to those announced for up to 20% of the mortgage for people under 35 years of age, which have not yet been quantified but which, as with the previous ones, ignore a fundamental fact, that these ICO guarantees They are for credits that must be returnedwhich are managed by the banks, which are the ones who impose their conditions for the amount of credit not covered by the guarantee and which, in most cases, require insurance coverage with the financial institution for its granting and which increases the final cost of the operation.

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Sánchez has also offered 500 million to pay for the Defense Ministry land on which, he says, he wants to build another 20,000 social rental homes. Add to it others 200 million that it costs to finance 50% of the European Interrail for under 30 years. The 1,307 million for Vocational Training, or the 560 million for robotics teaching in public education. And that, without adding economic aid for farmers and ranchers against drought after five years without remembering them or knowing that they exist.

And, how is all this paid for?, you may ask. Well, very easy, as proclaimed by the Ministry of Finance “it’s not magic, it’s your taxes”. That is why they do not deflate the personal income tax rate based on inflation or they lower VAT for basic products such as meat or fish or they raise Social Security contributions, which are an employment tax paid by companies and workers, or they They invent ideological taxes on banks and electricity companies that we all pay later because they affect the bill or the commissions.

But we are not the only ones paying for these electoral wastes of the ruling Sanchismo. We also pay the million euros that Sánchez has gifted to the banana president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, after humiliating himself before the insults to Spain that this former militant of the urban guerrilla –he was a member of the M-19– dedicated to Spain and the colonization of Latin America. Of course, what can be expected from a President of the Government who launders and has as his preferred parliamentary partner a party, EH Bildu, which has 44 convicted ETA terrorists on its electoral lists in the Basque Country and Navarra, 7 of them with crimes of blood. The same Sánchez who repeatedly denied that he would agree with the filoetarras to whom he now bows his head.

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Recalling the words that the mother of Joseba Pagaza, a socialist assassinated by the gunmen, addressed to Patxi López, Pedro, “you will do and say things that will make our blood run cold.”


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