“It’s not for us to police”

During his speech, Monday, July 12, Emmanuel Macron announced a series of measures to stop the Covid-19 pandemic which never ceases to find a second wind. The tenant of the Elysée has notably extended the sanitary pass to places accommodating more than 50 people. At the beginning of August, it will therefore be necessary to be doubly vaccinated or to present a negative PCR / antigen test in order to be able to access restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers and other establishments open to the public.

These new measures were quick to worry professionals about the organization needed to control the French. Invited to react on the RMC antenna in the Apolline de Malherbe program, Philippe Etchebest posted his reservations following these announcements. “You realize, a somewhat recalcitrant customer who refuses to be taken out of the establishment because he does not have the sanitary pass, it will end in a saloon fight. We can see the reaction of people sometimes, it can be violent“, estimated the chief. And to add: “The State must take the responsibility of assuming the controls and the sanctions on the users (…) It is not for us to make the police force. In addition to that, we risk 45,000 euros of fine and one year of imprisonment! How are we treated there? “.

The host of “Nightmare in the kitchen” added that this new systematic control function was in his eyes inadequate and unmanageable: “We don’t have the capacity and we don’t have the legitimacy. It is not possible, we cannot put such measures in place. You can’t replace the police. Personally, I don’t want to put my managers or my hostess at odds with customers “, was moved Philippe Etchebest.



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