It’s not about vaccination alone (

An older woman is vaccinated against corona with the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer in the vaccination center in the mon ami youth and cultural center

Photo: Michael Reichel / dpa

There was great excitement on Wednesday in the Bundestag and in many media in the last few days: How can it be that other countries are faster with their vaccination campaigns than Germany? Where does one of the world’s first approved and effective vaccines come from? When it comes to these questions, however, a lot of facts are lost, such as the still more solid form of approval within the EU or that the Biontec vaccine is also a co-production with the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

When politicians across the parties as well as the media accuse the federal government of not having ordered and secured enough vaccines early enough and too few, suddenly the appeals and projects seem to be forgotten, also across almost all parties, poorer countries and regions of the world, including top scientific achievements from vaccine research. The shouting about even more vaccines and faster, privileged procurement is unnecessary because Germany expects more vaccine doses this year than would be necessary to immunize the entire population.

The question is who needs the current drama. Are there also economic interests behind this, for example for higher revenues with accelerated delivery? Or are all those involved just kidding themselves because they don’t dare to tackle more complex problems, such as a solidarity-based restructuring of health care? In this respect, the vaccination campaign can only be hoped for a smooth and smooth course even after the initial jerkiness, which also creates the space for debates on a change of direction in health policy – in the interests of the citizens as well as the employees there.


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