It’s like a “gateway to another world”… a mysterious structure on Mars that interests scientists

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A strange image taken by the Curiosity rover on Mars has sparked the interest of scientists, in which a rocky structure appeared as a gateway to another world.

The probe’s image showed an eccentric rock formation on the red planet that appears to be a perfectly carved entrance into the Martian landscape, but is not evidence of alien activity in fact.

The rock formation looked so convincingly and terrifyingly like a door that some began to believe that it led to a small lair on Mars, or perhaps a gateway to another world altogether. Others described it as a “tunnel to the center of the planet” or “the entrance to a secret underground tunnel”. According to ScienceAlert.

However, the most reasonable people in the blog Reddit Famously, they suggested that this was likely a fracture: the result of some kind of pressure on the rock that fractured part of it, perhaps being given a helping hand by an earthquake or two.

In fact, the largest earthquake ever recorded on the Red Planet occurred on May 4 this year, and scientists are still working to determine exactly where and what caused it.

Moreover, while the door-like rock formation may appear full-size in our imaginations, the visible cavity could be only a few centimeters or inches long in real life, although the image is difficult to ascertain.

A larger, color version of the original image can be seen here. The entrance is at the top of the composite image, slightly to the left of the center.

The photo was taken in a geological feature known as Greenheugh Pedimentby camera Mast Aboard the Curiosity probe, on May 7, 2022.




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